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With 25 years of experience in the fashion industry, from designing her own label to heading Los Angeles based luxury lifestyle brand Azadi Atelier.

Born and raised in Southern California, Amanda graduated from FIT in New York. She won Women’s Wear Daily - WWD award and industry’s Children’s Business Award for the young designer of the year. While modeling in Paris, she took an apprentice job at Maison Lesage, to learn the business and techniques of the famous Parisian embroidery atelier that has worked with many of the fashion world's elite haute couture designers including Givenchy, Chanel, Balenciaga, and Dior.

After completing her graduate studies, Amanda began working with her partner Ned Azadi Co-founder of C’est Chouette Couture, Inc. and Mondial for men’s. She played a key role in C’est Chouette’s significant growth in 2000. At C’est Chouette, Amanda was instrumental in directing product development, sourcing, establishing pre-production and production for an impressive portfolio of 12 brands in over 3,000 points of sale.

In 1998, Amanda joined C’est Chouette Couture as VP. Amanda handles all day to day operations, including maintaining the creative vision that so defines the brand. Alongside the Co-founder Ned Azadi, Amanda oversees the entire spectrum of the company including sales, product development, production, quality control and logistics. In just 6 short years, Amanda has played a critical role in establishing C’est Chouette as a successful and world- renowned luxury brand for children.

In 2005 Amanda's entrepreneurial ambition and experience positioned her to start her own venture, Azadi Atelier provide design, product development and production consultation to apparel and accessories companies worldwide. Azadi Atelier has established business relationship with some of the most successful fashion companies and partnering with E-Commerce business nationwide. Azadi Atelier's success also propelled her into her most recent achievement, her current position.

In 2009, Amanda joined That’s Splendid! as COO. Amanda handles all day to day operations, including maintaining the creative vision that so defines the brand. 

In 2010, Amanda became the Creative Director and the sole owner of C’est Chouette Couture and its d.b.a. under the umbrella.

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